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Griffin iMic USB Adapter

Steve Crull
posted this on April 30, 2010, 1:28 PM

This device is used in our installation to complement the Revolabs microphones. 3.5mm to USB Audio Adapter - This adapter alleviates the troubleshooting of line-in/mic level issues experienced on workstations. On-board mic/line-in jacks are often shared over the same port, and unless selected by the user, no audio will be recorded - resulting in a support nightmare.

This device ensures either mic/line-in level selections are always constant without user tampering. This results in fewer support calls and consistent quality recordings at proper dB levels.

We use this in conjunction with Crestron WMC, DMCRX-BA, and the Revolabs HD Single Channel unit. So out of the WMC we output a 3.5mm cable into the PC via Griffin iMic.