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Camera, Smartboard, etc.

chris engelsma
posted this on May 7, 2010, 8:58 AM

Our other classroom has a Canon VIXIA HV30 in the back of the room trained on the professor.  There is a ceiling mic and the prof wears a lapel mic.  These two signals feed into the camera and and the entire audio/video signal is fed into the recording computer by a firewire cable.  Since the distance is too long for a firewire cable, we have to use Cat5 wire to bridge the distance.  At each end, we have to use FireWire Cat 5 Repeaters to convert the signal to Cat5 and then back again to firewire.  We also have a SmartBoard in this room that feeds into the computer.  All in all, this is our most complicated setup and (no surprise) gives us the most grief.