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University of Pittsburgh's Equipment

Lauren Talotta
posted this on May 7, 2010, 9:22 AM

Our Primary Equipment: 1) Dell Vistro Laptop; 2) Cannon GL2 camera; 3) Peavey PV8 mixer; 4) Rode NTG1 Boom Microphones; 5) Audio Technia Wireless Microphone System; 6) SmartBoard and Smart Sympodium

What I like: Laptop is very efficient; Mixer allows for easy control of microphone volumes; Smart systems allow for dynamic content presentations.

What I don't like: Wireless microphone is very fussy; Camera menus are difficult to navigate (there are many settings I still have yet to adjust to my satisfaction).

What I use it for: Recording of graduate level lectures for posting on a Blackboard site as videos, MP3s and MP4s; Recording of faculty seminars; Recording of special events; Recording of training sessions for students and faculty.