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University of New Hampshire Panopto Kit

Marquis Walsh
posted this on May 7, 2010, 9:49 AM

Below is what we use.  We started out with two remote kits to give us flexibility since our faculty were recording in different locations - that is why we added the Pelican kits to protect the camera and mic. Now we are shifting to a centralized location or training faculty to record their own lectures at home or in their office.  When faculty do it at home they use their own PCs with web cams and a headset with a mic.  Or we recommend a Logitech camera.


We use the Canon because it records on Tape as a backup in case their is a problem with the upload. But DV Tape cameras with that take external mics are harder and harder to find. The Revolab mics are great.


CAN-ZR960  Canon ZR-960 MiniDV Camcorder
Manfrotto tripod w/ pan/tilt & quick release
Revolabs mic
Pelican 1150 with foam Orange Color 
Pelican 1200 with foam Orange Color $
4 pin to 4 pin 4.5 meters 
Panasonic AY DVM83PQ 10 x 83min Tapes
Power splitter (to power laptop and camera)
Extension cord 
 Gear Bag
PC from Computer Store (above their minimum specs)Dell Latitude E5400, boosted to 2.4/4/250/160  GB/ 7200 RPM.