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Panopto Recording Setup - IMPAQT -

Ralph Ruggiero
posted this on May 20, 2010, 1:34 PM

I use the following hardware to record our weekly company status meetings on Monday morning as well as broadcast them for remote employees to connect to and view live.  We also save the recordings for future reference.  I have had no problems at all and have heard no complaints from users.  The hardware I use is the following:

Camera: Sony Handycam Mini DV - Model DCR-HC40 on a tri-pod

Microphone: Sima - Model SZM on a tri-pod

Laptop - Lenovo 3000 C200


I connect the camera to the laptop via a firewire cable and the microphone plugs into the camera.  Panopto recognized the camera and microphone as soon as I plugged the firewire cable in.