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Sony SNC-RZ50N IP network camera

Deb Bruxvoort
posted this on May 21, 2010, 10:53 AM

In the classrooms, the instructor's desktop computer runs the recorder and contains an Osprey 210 A/V capture card and a Datapath RGB PRO1 single channel capture card. A Sony IPELA network camera is mounted on the back wall of the classroom, and Shure ceiling microphones are suspended from the ceiling. The presenter can wear a Sennheiser wireless mic but we've found that the ceiling mics pick up everyone's voice really well so the wireless mic is seldom worn. 

Several camera presets are selectable from the Crestron control system touchpanel.  However, if an instructor wants to get more granular with the camera control there is an icon on the instructor computer desktop that will launch the camera controls in a web browser.  The instructor or designate can also sit in the back of the room with her laptop connected to the wireless network and control the camera  through her web browser.