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AV setup for recording- Classroom

Mustafa Hariyanawala
posted this on May 23, 2010, 12:36 AM


Following is the List of equipment we have used for our panopto deployment.

Osprey 210 capture card to Svideo and Audio Capture

Black- Magic Intensity pro for Component HD720P Video Capture, for Direct DV , Laptop HDMI connection.

Datapath RGB Pro for VGA Capture, Setup to record the following:

                   Document camera, Polycom Video Conference HD 720P Monitor output, Laptop VGA, and Lectern Computer.

DataPath RGB-E1 used for HD Component Video and RGBHV capture, from Extron Switcher.

Camera's used for Video Capture: SONY BRU-H700 High Defination PTZ Camera's for capturing Lecturer and Students.

Crestron Control system for Switcher control and Auto preset selection to zoom on the Faculty / Students speaking in a session.

Extron Switchers for Switching sources.

Vortex, Audio Digital Mixer.

What we liked about Panopto:


Ease of use and simplicity.

Relaibility and sturdiness

Prompt support.

Cost Effective.

We have hardwired the system for Lecture recording, and using crestron and extron systems existing in our lecture halls we have a fixed and reliable system.

Since we have Angel in our campus deployment system, and our lectures are all scheduled, we are trying to implement the scheduling, unless there is a need for post editing of a recorded lecture, which is not required for most of the time, if we start and stop the recording at the rigt time.

The system is working smoothly, and it has as per our expectancy in terms of reliability and ease.

our next step towards making it more easy and streamlined, we will try and integrate the recording process with Crestron Control system, and find out a way that when the faculty selects their presentation the recorder is Launched, and starts recording with user preset, so integrating panopto and crestron control system will make the process independent of an AV tech.

We look forward to Long term business relationship with Panopto, and expect their continual support in this endeavor.





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Ismet Hajdarovic
Carnegie Mellon University Qatar Campus

Hi Mustafa,

Please let me know when are you availble for a tour and more detailed insights on you Panopto implementation.



I s m e t  K.  H a j d a r o v i ć

Senior Collaborative Technology Engineer 

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

September 22, 2011, 4:20 AM