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Use Flash Media Server to stream MP4 video

Graham Robinson
posted this on November 14, 2011, 6:58 AM

If you wish to protect your mp4 videos from being downloaded or just prefer the smoother streaming of Flash then you can use Flash Media Server to stream the videos. This doesn't affect iOS devices.

  • Install Flash Media Server onto your server
  • Delete all applications except VOD
  • Open the VOD application and edit the application.xml
  • Remove the following lines


  • Replace them with this line (adjust to your Panopto web directory)


  • Save the file
  • Log into Panopto as an administrator
  • Go to System > Settings
  • Add a new setting CdnRtmpFQDNBase
  • Set this to rtmp://YOURFLASHSERVER.DOMAIN.TLD/vod/ Example: (rtmp://

Your MP4 videos should now play via the Flash streaming service.