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Osprey 210 A/V Cards

Steve Grant - WMU Cooley Law School
posted this on July 26, 2010, 9:34 AM

I just wanted to add a quick tech tip for everyone using the Osprey Cards.  We are using the Osprey 210 cards to grab audio and video from our Polycom HDX 900x Codecs.  They work great for video, and audio sounded great except for the little popping that we kept getting every few seconds.  If you go to your capture station, right click on the Osprey system tray icon, and choose the Audio setup.  Choose the Advanced button towards the bottom,  and this opens a new window on the side.  At the top you will now see a "Preffered Audio Sample Rate" set this to "Force to 44.1 KHz"  ** You need to check your equipment to find out what it is programmed to use as the audio sample rate.  44.1 KHz was for our equipment **

Once I made this change the audio and video are now in sync and they annoying *pop* that we were getting is now gone.