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Panopto 4.5 Change Log

Dave Hannan
posted this on October 26, 2013, 9:31 PM

Exact server version number is

For some video tutorials of our new features, please click here

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Headline Features

  • User experience improvements across the Panopto web interface, including a new look and feel

  • New “Save As” editor workflow for creating multiple versions of the same session

  • The Session Library and Panopto Viewer now support use with screen readers for greater accessibility and improved Section 508 compliance. Learn more

  • Up to 100 video files may now be batch-uploaded simultaneously. Learn more

  • Audio gain can be controlled from the Windows Recorder

  • Remote Recorders now display video preview image and audio histogram in the Remote Recorder list view

  • Remote Recorders quality settings can be configured via the web interface

Video Content Management System

  • User Experience improvements:

    • All list views have been redesigned.

    • All pop-up settings pages have been redesigned.

    • New “Create” button to centralize core content creation functions:

      • Record a new session

      • Upload video

      • Webcast

      • Schedule a recording

      • Build a session (e.g. synchronize existing video and slides)

      • Create a new folder

  • Session library interface and Panopto Viewer now support screen readers and keyboard navigation.

  • Better web interface layout for non-English sites.

  • Fixed a bug where deleting multiple sessions would sometimes display an error.

  • Improved “Filter by Date” experience in sessions lists.

  • Batch Upload with Unison:

    • You can now upload up to 100 video files at once through a single Unison interface.

    • Processing of Focus recordings is prioritized ahead of Unison uploads.

  • Administration improvements:

    • Updated password security measures (optional system settings)

      • Expire password after a set number of days (configurable value)

      • Prevent re-use of passwords (configurable value)

      • Require strong passwords (8+ characters, a number, an uppercase letter and a symbol)

    • Added an “All Users” group, allowing for a folder or session to be easily shared with any authenticated user on your server.

    • You can now create SAML group mappings from within Panopto.

    • Updated LTI support to match LTI 1.1 standard requirements.

    • Added analytics reporting for podcast views of your Panopto videos.

      • Podcast streaming (link from mobile browser, RSS, iTunes feed) & embedded content will track minutes viewed in statistics

      • Downloading podcasts will count as a single view with no minutes viewed.

    • Option to streamline login to use deep linking for more than one login provider.

      • Fixes users having to log in twice in certain LMS integrations

    • The system prevents you from making changes to scheduled recordings while they are recording

    • Added a configuration setting to disable RSS feeds site-wide (EnablePodcastFeeds = False)


  • Improvements to the way the editor chooses what needs to be re-processed. Many changes that used to require a full re-process, such as changes to PowerPoint slide text or caption updates, will now only process the changed pieces.

  • Changed the “Manage Versions” workflow to “Save As.” If you’re working in the editor and want to make multiple versions of the same recording with unique web addresses (URLs), you can now use the convenient Save As functionality to do this. For example, you could split a single two hour recording with two presenters into Part 1 and Part 2, and each would have a unique web address.

  • You can now upload PowerPoint files without a Unison license - this is especially useful for updating the slides that accompany a previously recorded session.


  • Viewing embedded podcasts now includes captions.

  • Added a quick rewind button to the viewer (10 seconds.)

  • When viewing a SmoothStream encoded recording with multiple quality levels, you can now choose which level you want to view.

  • Fixed a bug where deleted sessions would still attempt to load.


  • Added an audio gain control to the Windows recorder.

  • Many remote recorder changes:

    • Static image live preview - Preview the output from your currently running remote recorder sessions from the updated dashboard.

    • View audio histogram- Confirm at a glance whether all of your remote recorders are correctly capturing audio.

    • Adjust quality - Specify the quality of recording you want from your equipment across all of your scheduled sessions or on a per-session basis.

    • You can now dynamically update a scheduled recording make it a live webcast.

  • Can now record in 720p (up to 1280x800) in any recording mode with Windows Recorder.

  • Secondary capture sources can now record 1920x1080 at 18fps (used to be 12fps) and 1500 Kbps (Windows Recorder only)